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Dear PBC Family, we look forward to welcoming our Mandarin congregation back to their first In-person service on 6/9/2020 8:15am since the start of the MCO.

Please note the shift of timing of our English Service to 10:30am.

The following SOP is observed.

Appreciate all your prayers, patience and willingness to adjust. May God help PBC to grow joyfully together from strength to strength in spirit and in numbers.

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Dear family & friends of Piasau Baptist Church,

Praise God for His mercies and loving-kindness that are new every morning. We thank Him for His provision and protection over all our family members. We are deeply grateful for you who ministered and gave of yourselves in so many loving, meaningful and sacrificial ways during the MCO.

Our leadership is pleased to inform that Phase 1 of our in-person Sunday Worship Service will start with our English Service at 9:45am - 11:00am. We will be carrying out the fogging of the main sanctuary on 1st Aug (Sat) at 9:30am. Thereafter, the Sanctuary will be inaccessible for 24 hours until Sunday Worship Service the next day.

If you fall under the category of experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, children 12 years old & below, or/and being in high-risk health conditions, kindly remain at home and worship with us via live-streaming (YouTube).

SOP preparations have been made for social distancing, sanitizing, non-contact thermometers, attendee registration, etc. Don't worry, our ushers and leaders will guide you upon your arrival. Please plan to arrive earlier i.e. 15-minute allowance for safety protocols, including temperature checks and name registration. Remember to wear your mask, bring your own bible, pen, notebook and water-bottle. (Kitchen will be closed.)

A bi-lingual SOP for Church Re-opening is attached for your reference. Pls study it. Kindly direct any queries to bro Chiem Boon Hong (012-8771851), our SOP Team Leader.

PBC church opening SOP Eng n Mandarin ve
Download • 888KB

We value your prayers. May songs of joy resound again in the house of the Lord. May the Word of God ring forth. May our faith arise, in Jesus' mighty name.


Pr. Lim Thien Leong

& PBC Council


(Psalm 122:1)​ I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.”

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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

You are precious in God’s sight.

Piasau Baptist Church is a warm, growing community of believers meeting in the heart of Piasau Garden, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. We enjoy welcoming new people – families, students, peoples from numerous nationalities and walks of life. Every Sunday we meet here to worship God.

Piasau Baptist Church seeks to provide a balanced emphasis in our Christian experience. Upwardly, we are committed to worship and genuine fellowship with the Lord. Horizontally, we are committed to fellowship, evangelism, missions and the faithful preaching and teaching of the Word of God.

Who we are:

Piasau Baptist Church is founded on Baptist faith and principles. We are an inter-generational group of Bible-believing, evangelical Christians led by the Holy Spirit under the lordship of Jesus Christ, enjoying the love and favour of God the Father.

Church Vision:

To be a Christ-centered Cell Church,

Built on the Word of God

And empowered by the Holy Spirit

To transform the Community

Church Mission:

To be equipped with God’s Word,

United through Cell Groups,

In the power of the Holy Spirit,

To Impact the Community,

Through Caring for the needy,

Reaching out to the lost,

and Committing to missions.

Story of Piasau Baptist Church:

Early Years:

  • Pre-1973: Early evangelistic work by Pastor Bob Evans in Miri

  • September 1973: Pastor Charles Thurman & Kathie Braugton (missionaries from the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board) reached Miri. Based at No.36 Piasau Garden

  • 26 May 1974: 1st Baptismal Service for 16 new believers

  • 14 February 1976: Miri Baptist Church (MBC) formally organized, with 25 charter members

  • 26 July 1976: the Braughtons left Sarawak. Church shifted meeting place to No.271, Piasau Garden. The State Government then granted Lot 821, Piasau Garden for the church building. Church building program initiated

  • 17 April 1977: Kenneth Ong, Christie Goh and Adeh ak. Tikok ordained as deacons by FMB missionaries from Kuching

  • 8 January 1978: James Khoo Tiang Veng installed as first Malaysian pastor by Pastor Charles Morris. Called by the church in November 1977

Formative Years:

  • 1978-79: years of growth and activities, including new believers, new members, T.E.E (Theological Education by Extension) courses and outreach programs

  • October 1978: New church building start construction. Financed by grants from FMB, Malaysia-Singapore Baptist Mission, building pledges and gifts from local members. Completed in early October 1979

  • 6 January 1980: New building dedicated. Pastor James Khoo was ordained

  • 27 August 1982: Sarawak Government officially approved the registration of Sarawak Baptist Church (SBC). Miri Baptist Church officially known as Piasau Baptist Branch (PBC) of SBC

  • October 1986: Calvary Baptist Branch registered in Bintulu, through outreach work by Pastor James Khoo and Jasbir Singh in 1982

  • 1992: Ministry work in Limbang halted. Later re-started by Emmanuel Baptist Branch

  • Iban ministry at the Lutong and Pujut Corner squatter areas. Work eventually resulted in Lutong Baptist Branch and Pujut Baptist Branch.

  • 30 October 1993: Pastor Khoo and family left for Kota Kinabalu, after nearly 16 years of pastoring PBC

Maturing Years

  • 1993 - 2003: PBC was without a pastor, except for one year, 1999

  • July 1996: Lutong Baptist Chapel officially became Lutong Baptist Branch. Later, Pujut Baptist Branch was registered in March 2001

  • November 1998: Taman Tunku Chapel (Iban) work started, led by Mary Thambie ak. Kalu as Church Missionary, who served until 6 October 2002.  In 1999, 8 new Iban believers from Taman Tunku were baptized

  • 1 January 1999 - 28 February 2000: Pastor Yee Ting Kong pastored PBC

  • 28 February 1999: Mandarin/Hokkien Ministry, started in 1979, was re-launched at Pujut 7 Shoplot. Service later shifted to PBC main building

  • 15 April 2001: First baptismal service of 6 new believers of Mandarin Ministry

  • 1 July 2003: Lim Thien Leong began his tenure as “Kingdom Service Worker” and continued to serve as pastor to-date

New Direction:

  • Through increased prayer meetings, the Holy Spirit imparts fresh spiritual visions, encouragement and admonitions for the church

  • 2006: Trinity Baptist Chapel was started by 4 core families. Officially registered as Trinity Baptist Branch in 2009

  • 2006: First Cell Leaders Retreat, where leaders re-cast a new vision for PBC to begin the transformation journey to become a Cell Church

  • 2007: the Curtin Ministry launched to minister to the Curtin University students, with the vision to establish a University Baptist Church

  • 21 June 2008: the vision to build a new sanctuary was birthed in a Day of Prayer. This building project, called "Rebuilding the Lord's House" commenced with conceptual design in 2009. Building Fund launched in October, 2010

  • 2011: Launched "FaithWorks" to work out our vision of reaching our community through community service. Started the “Reading Bus” program, which evolved to our present “e-Kids” program

  • 3 March 2012: Taman Tunku Baptist Chapel, with 39 members, released to Lutong Baptist Church

  • 18 May 2015: Construction of new sanctuary began. Completed in November 2016

  • 1 Jan 2017: Pr. Wallace Ong Chin Uei appointed as pastor of Mandarin congregation

  • 5 Mar 2017: First service in the new sanctuary

  • 26 May 2018: Official Opening of new sanctuary with “Celebrating God’s Goodness” Service and Carnival

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