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Prayer Group

We embarked on our journey to become a Cell Church since 2006. Meeting Jesus Christ once a week in the comfort of a home, cell groups of 6-15 people each come together to exercise the 4 W's:

  1. Welcome each other and new friends - "you to me, me to you"

  2. Worship Christ - "us to God"

  3. Word - "God released to us through the Bible"

  4. Works - exercise our spiritual gifts, prayer and personal ministry to each other, including Witnessing to non-Christians, i.e. "God through us to others"

In the relaxed environment of the home, CG members share experiences and get to know each other. We build strong and lasting friendships. We help each other out in times of need. More often than not, we come to regard each other as extended family members. A family we are indeed, when we belong to the community of Christ.

Why a Cell Church?

Matthew 28:18-20, speaks of Jesus’ command to make disciples, and implicitly includes the additional work of maturing and mobilising them. Cell groups are the microcosm of the church, living out the abundant life that Christ promised (c.f. John 10:10) as each member share and serve together. Ephesians 4:11-16 clearly teaches that the job of the leaders is to equip the members of the church, the body of Christ, to do the work or ministry of Christ in the world. The ministry is in the hands of the saints, the so-called ordinary believers. That is the only way the body of Christ will be fully built up and grow into maturity. Each member must do its part. An effective cell church model is one of the ways we can fulfil this call of Christ today. Acts 2:46 tells us that the early church met together every day in Jewish temple courts in Jerusalem to worship God. They also broke bread in homes, and ate together with glad hearts, praising God and enjoying the favour of the people. The church was in the street with the people, not yet hidden away inside religious buildings.

What's a Cell Church like?

  1. Cell church groups usually have 5 to 15 people. This means that everyone is known and genuinely missed if away.

  2. Cell church means that every member has a role like music, organising, teaching, leading prayer, cooking, or looking after children. The joy of serving is not just in the hands of a few chosen ‘professional’ clergy or leaders.

  3. Cell church means that people should never feel lonely in church as the community setting brings them into the bosom of the family of God.

  4. Cell church is a natural setting for teaching with all the freedom and life of a small group.

  5. Cell church meetings are a great place for people to practice their spiritual gifts in the non-threatening atmosphere of home with a friendly leader and the Christian family to encourage and help.

  6. Cell church means that neighbours who would never go into a church building might discover Jesus where He loves to be, among people. With cell church the scope for different kinds of creative evangelism in the home is unlimited.

  7. Cell church allows the gifted ministers to travel to help equip other believers.

  8. In Cell church growth is fast and never limited by lack of money for buildings. When a group grows beyond say, 16 people, it multiplies into 2 homes or rented rooms, each with its own leader. They will soon grow to 15 each and multiply again.

  9. Cell church means more prayer, because more people will pray in small groups, and they can meet anytime. This is better than the weekly prayer in one place which many never get to for work reasons.

  10. Cell church means that sick or needy people can be prayed for and ministered to quickly without having wait for the pastor.

Please contact the leader to join one of our cell groups.

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